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Designer Nicolas Felizola in French reality show "Les Anges 5"

Posted on June 23, 2013 by Monica Milla

Nicolas Felizola in French reality show "Les Anges"

French reality show Les Anges 5 included our exclusive designer Nicolas Felizola in their episode 77, commenting on cat walk and other fashionable things at his Miami atelier, later participating in the Miami Fashion Week. Creating quite a stir, the said episode finally aired this week and has caused Nicolas' social media accounts to go mad and our featured accessories to become sought after. Comments like "magnifique" "trop la classe" and more, leading  the designer to reply: "Merci beaucoup à tous les français pour leurs beaux commentaires sur mes créations". Dear Nicolas, confratulations, encore une fois! Watch the video here:


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Visiting NF Atelier

Posted on December 30, 2012 by Gustavo Milla

Sketches of designs by Nicolas Felizola at his atelier

In a recent visit to Nicolas Felizola's atelier in old Coconut Grove to replenish VXV's stock, we were able to sit for a while and simply take in the beauty that surrounds the name behind the gorgeous creations we have become accustomed to admiring. In a very private setting lies this beautifully decorated home where Felizola works. 

As we enter the atelier the smell takes us over, a mix of old and rich wood with leather. The lights are dim, with the back wall lit to only feature his handbags and other accessories. Curtains from ceiling to floor that cover a private patio, visited often by peacocks that sit on the veranda. A large mirror in front of a short wood stage allows the owner of such creations to feel taken over by the look of the dress she is to take home to her wedding, a red carpet or special event. It is all thought through by this genius who wants to share the overwhelming feeling of beauty from beginning to end. On the back wall the exquisite designs all covered for protection; most (if not all) were long, with fabrics you want to hold and see on your body: beads, lace, pleats, flares, ruffles, you name it, it was all there for the intruder, exposed and vulnerable.

It was apparent the designer had been working with a client, a beautifully beaded dress laying in a box, sitting on the table by Nicolas' eyeglasses, and his sketches were there for us to photograph for you.

I will continue to bring you our findings when we visit this private atelier.

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Avant-Garde Eyewear at VXV

Posted on December 20, 2012 by Gustavo Milla

        TAG Heuer Night Vision Eyewear

With TAG Heuer Night Vision, the term "Avant-Garde Eyewear" takes on its full meaning. Night Vision technology corrects natural night-time myopia and is tested and approved by professional racing-car drivers. Special pale yellow lenses enhance night-time contrasts, giving an impression of luminosity. Glare and eye fatigue are reduced.

Tag Heuer recommends you wash your eyewear under warm water, scrub it slowly with soap directly with your hand. Dry it with a clean and dry rag. Avoid contact with salt or chlorine water. Avoid contact with chemical products (solvents, detergents, alcohol …).  Do never clean your lenses with a paper towel, that could cause micro-scratches.
TAG Heuer Night Vision. You’ll want to wait till dark before driving home! Now at VXV.
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To our Hispanic audience, in Spanish: exquisite designs by Nicolas Felizola

Posted on December 14, 2012 by Monica Milla

Designer Nicolas Felizola features his products at

Nicolas Felizola, uno de los disenadores latinoamericanos mas influyentes en el mundo de la moda hoy. Sus disenos visten a las mas hermosas mujeres, tanto en la alfombra roja o en ocasiones  especiales y privadas como lo son las bodas, vistiendo a las novias con sus espectaculares disenos romanticos, sensuales, con una gran atencion al detalle y al acabado impecable.

Recientemente este gran disenador de modas Venezolano, compartiendo su residencia entre Miami y Paris, ha incursionado en el departamento de los accesorios, disenando carteras de mujer y billeteras de hombre con acabados y disenos que reflejan brevemente su estilo. Las carteras de Nicolas Felizola estan hechas en Florencia, Italia, en los mejores cueros, por talleres que tambien elaboran carteras y marroquineria en general a las grandes casas de disenadores a nivel mundial, como Dior, Hermes, y otros. Sus acabados son impecables, con bolsillos internos que permiten la comodidad de colocar el celular a la mano y tener las llaves en un lugar especifico facil de encontrar.

En VaultXV podran encontrar tambien billeteras de Nicolas Felizola, que son exactamente lo que un hombre quiere, discretas, de cuero suave y con solo lo indispensable para lograr el ‘look’ elegante que es la firma de NF. Con seis compartimientos para tarjetas de credito, compartimiento para billetes y dos compartimientos mas detras de las tarjetas de credito.

El logo NF siempre esta presente en las carteras Nicolas Felizola, lo encontraremos repujado en el cuero con su escudo o estara colgado de una cinta de cuero el escudo con el simbolo de este destacado disenador. Tambien en VXV encontraran otros accesorios que son altamente cotizados y codiciados por muchos, como lo son los lentes Nicolas Felizola, o lentes NF, con disenos originales, de moda y de calidad, como siempre lo logra este disenador.

Visite para encontrar y comprar los accesorios de este gran disenador Nicolas Felizola. VaultXV, tambien conocido como VXV, es la tienda en linea exclusiva para los accesorios Nicolas Felizola. A traves de VXV recibira su orden hermosamente embalado, y si lo desea, estaremos ofreciendo las carteras de Nicolas Felizola firmadas por el mismo, exclusivo para clientes de VXV y fans de este disenador tan cotizado.

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Moni Boots are chic, extravagant and feminine.

Posted on November 26, 2012 by Gustavo Milla

Moni Boots by De SIena appear in Cosmopolitan Magazine


Our Italian De Siena Moni boots are featured in the November issue of the Italian Cosmopolitan as chic, extravagant and feminine wear now fashion!! With a gorgeous almost 12" heel that is to die for who wouldn't agree? No wonder these beautiful boots are all the buzz in fashion this season, the platforms makes this heel comfortable, you can't go wrong. Available in a warm super soft deep caramel suede and in gray, with details in matching patent leather, and a very unique strap around the ankle that ties with the leather button.

Get them at, the fashionable online luxury accessories retailer.

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Tag Heuer, Avant-Garde Eyewear

Posted on November 07, 2012 by Rama L

TAG HEUER Avant-Garde Eyewear now at 

Tag Heuer is now available at VaultXV. Their design philosophy fuses function and refinement. Made in France with the highest standards of the Swiss watchmaking; lenses of utmost quality, superior craftsmanship and materials result in a world renown brand for eyewear design you will want to wear for comfort, function and fashion.

"Tag Heuer Avant-Garde eyewear draws upon an active engagement in the world of sports for inspiration." The result is a flawless piece you will wear again and again and look fabulous in it!

 Welcome to VXV Tag Heuer!

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Artistic Jewelry by Oscar Abba

Posted on November 06, 2012 by Monica Milla

Oscar Abba is an Italian born later established in Barcelona, Spain, where he opened his atelier. Some of his pieces are limited edition and very few retailers carry them as a result of this. His work is shown in the best international museums and design stores in Europe, and now at . His jewelry is very much influenced by architectural design, forms and lines are studied and evolved to form voids and structures that result in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. "It's a conceptual path realized with patience and absolute meticulousness" says the designer. His exhibits, both individual and collective, have been shown in museums in Europe, including the Fundacion Mies Van Der Rohe in Barcelona, Spain, the Museo De Arte THYSSEN-BORNEMISZA in Madrid. Spain, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in Venezia, Italy, and has been invited to create series of unique pieces for the  Porsche-Museum in Stuttgart, Germany among other. His awards are numerous and his fans are worldwide.

Each piece has his logo "OA" and the "925" silver marking. His jewelry comes in Oscar Abba's own recycled box with a romance card describing the jewelry your bought and its care.

We invite you to study, understand and wear his original handmade designs at Vault XV!

Oscar Abba silver bracelet

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