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What's in your bag?

Posted on June 11, 2013 by Monica Milla

Munk Bogballe blog, What's in your bag?

 Munk Bogballe laptop bags has been working on their version of the "what's in your bag?" campaign and has been able to produce some very smart, fashionable, bohemian photos. So What's in your bag? "Strauss scores, my metronome and a pencil". Personality plays a big part in how you wear your bag, a musician has different needs than a Wall St. stock broker, or so we'd like to think. Whatever your personality and the colors you like to wear and how you combine it, this bag is the perfect addition to your accessories entourage. The Munk Bogballe bags are completely handmade to order in Germany with special attention to comfort, impeccable finishes and the perfect sizes for your needs. Exclusively available at VaultXV!

International Shipping

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