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Visiting NF Atelier

Posted on December 30, 2012 by Gustavo Milla

Sketches of designs by Nicolas Felizola at his atelier

In a recent visit to Nicolas Felizola's atelier in old Coconut Grove to replenish VXV's stock, we were able to sit for a while and simply take in the beauty that surrounds the name behind the gorgeous creations we have become accustomed to admiring. In a very private setting lies this beautifully decorated home where Felizola works. 

As we enter the atelier the smell takes us over, a mix of old and rich wood with leather. The lights are dim, with the back wall lit to only feature his handbags and other accessories. Curtains from ceiling to floor that cover a private patio, visited often by peacocks that sit on the veranda. A large mirror in front of a short wood stage allows the owner of such creations to feel taken over by the look of the dress she is to take home to her wedding, a red carpet or special event. It is all thought through by this genius who wants to share the overwhelming feeling of beauty from beginning to end. On the back wall the exquisite designs all covered for protection; most (if not all) were long, with fabrics you want to hold and see on your body: beads, lace, pleats, flares, ruffles, you name it, it was all there for the intruder, exposed and vulnerable.

It was apparent the designer had been working with a client, a beautifully beaded dress laying in a box, sitting on the table by Nicolas' eyeglasses, and his sketches were there for us to photograph for you.

I will continue to bring you our findings when we visit this private atelier.

International Shipping

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