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Astrid Poletti exclusively at VXV

Posted on April 15, 2013 by Gustavo Milla

Astrid Poletti exclusively at

"We believe in superior craftsmanship and provide innovative design with a timeless sophistication" state the Astrid Poletti team over the phone, "Our materials are chosen from the most exotic countries around the world leading to collectible pieces that can be enjoyed forever, the pieces you have are just the beginning of what Astrid Poletti is to become". Astrid's designs are dedicated to those who distinguish themselves through personal style and exude a transmittable vibrant energy. Each piece has a spirit of absolute freedom which results in infinite beauty and innovation.

Her signature pieces are yet to come to VaultXV, sterling silver filigree handmade in Paraguay, the designer's home country, where she has gathered and trained a group of select artisans to bring to reality her designs. "After doing most of my collections on my own and managing a career in Miami's financial district, I finally came to realize that my passion has always been in fashion; creating, crafting, the meaning of my creations on others, inspiring others". "I wake up every day with many ideas, some I create right away, others linger a bit, but they all become a reality, and thank God!, I sell them all!" says Astrid.

Her bubbly personality needs no coaching, she is all her, like her jewelry, Astrid Poletti is Astrid Poletti, and there is only one. Enjoy!
International Shipping

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