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Stella Cove, the maker of Little Girl Dreams

Posted on December 22, 2016 by Monica Morales

 Stella Cove Blue Pompom Ad

Dreams of a fantasy world where we play under the sea, on the clouds, surrounded by stars, flowers, unicorns, bubbles, whatever comes to mind, and we wear only comfortable and beautiful swimwear and clothes that we bring back to reality with us. This is Stella Cove, made in Europe with exquisite fabrics, most swimsuits are made of UV protectant fabric, to protect these little ones through their journey. From baby sizes to "tweens" we are sure to please every age and every inspiration!

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2017 Tequila Beach Swimwear

Posted on December 01, 2016 by Monica Morales


For you to enjoy, here we have Tequila Beach Swimwear 2017 Collection behind the scenes video, VaultXV carries most of their fabulous new collection. Made in Venezuela and available exclusively to the US through VXV, Tequila Beach Swimwear is also available in Central America and at exclusive Hotel Boutiques, and is shipped from afar made for the real woman of today. Bandeau Bikinis, Triangle Bikinis, one piece variations and an excellent fit are just a few of the features that will blow you away. Tequila by Daniella Capecchi!

Red Bandeau Bikini by Tequila Beach Swimwear

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MolaMola Swimwear and Beach Bags

Posted on October 16, 2016 by Monica Morales

MolaMola Swimwear and Beach Bags

MolaMola's Swimwear and Beach Bags motto is "Pink World", they say it's "an extension of every person as they vibrate on a wave, on nautical sports, on life on the beach and everything surrounding a resort lifestyle", always with femininity and fashion as their best ally for any day of sun and ocean.

Their 2017 collection is created in bright colors and prints, coordinated and combined, in bikinis, one piece swimsuits, towel and cosmetic bags, for women and for kids. Welcome to their world!


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Isy B. Design exclusively at VXV!

Posted on September 29, 2016 by Monica Morales

Isy B. Design is now available at VaultXV

"Our luxurious dresses are light, elegant, and specifically designed to keep you looking beautiful and feeling comfortable in heat & humidity. LOOK & FEEL AMAZING WHEN THE TEMPERATURE RISES" says Cayman Island Designer and Woman Entrepreneur Isy B., when we interviewed her at VaultXV headquarters.

"We incorporate natural fibers with the latest developments in functional fabrics into our beautiful dresses to keep you comfortable in heat and humidity. Moisture is absorbed from your skin instantly, and dries quickly leaving you with a better overall feeling of comfort in our garment. Special ventilation allows the movement of air to your skin so it can breathe. The moisture wicking lining quickly moves the moisture from your skin before releasing it into the air reducing the risk of embarrassing visible sweat marks. Our linings are cool to the touch, luxuriously soft & smooth on your skin. Our luxurious 100% silk top layer is lightweight, fast drying and breathable. Our dresses are constructed to maximize airflow inside them to keep you feeling comfortable."

What else may we ad than how fabulous these designs are by Isy B. Designs. Imported and made to order, although you will have to wait a bit for it, it is well worth it!

"Enjoy the comfort of an effortless and relaxed fit. Our dresses skim. They do not cling." 

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Fer Sucre Pop Art Limited Edition Bags

Posted on September 21, 2016 by Monica Morales

Fer Sucre Limited Edition Unique Handbags at

Miami based pop artist Fernando Sucre, know as Fer, has created a line of handbags made from the protective canvas he used for painting in his studio. In collaboration with a handbag designer who saw the beauty of the canvas, they got to work with the personal canvas he had been using for years, with scribbles, drops, brush strokes and random drawings. Leather trims beautify each piece and of course, they are all Limited Edition and no two are alike. Unique Limited Edition Handbags by Fer Sucre available at Shop for all his bags HERE!


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Palheta Swimwear from Peru at VXV

Posted on September 11, 2016 by Rama L

Palheta Swimwear at

Oh yes! Palheta Swimwear is from Peru! This swimwear designer brings us their take on beach fashion, they're avid designers and are always exploring new ways to fit our bodies, creative ways that is. VaultXV swimwear and resort wear online boutique now carries their women and girls line, fairly new to the US, we see how this brand will reach the sky: it's flattering, original and made well. What more can we ask for? Palheta Swimwear for women and for girls.

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Welcome to VXV Tequila Swimwear!

Posted on June 23, 2016 by Monica Morales

 Tequila Swimwear Bikini on Model

We are thrilled to introduce you to a great new-to-the-US swimsuit brand that has been very successful in South America; TEQUILA Swimwear. Attention to design, body beauty and exuberant prints are part of what this Venezuelan designer is all about. Her success began years ago with a small boutique discovering what women wanted there, so Tequila was born. The designer travels to find the best swimwear trends and adapt them to her vision of beauty and comfort, we are looking forward to bringing it to you through VaultXV.

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